Cypriot Wine Festival In Melbourne

Cyprus_wineFor the 19th consecutive year, the Cyprus Community of Melbourne held a wine festival, this time on March 2-3 at the Cretan Brotherhood, along with all the fan and festivities associated with the celebration of Cypriot food and wine.

There was entertainment for all ages, including rides, performances by various dance groups from different regions from both Cyprus and Greece, live music, local singers and of course the delicious Mediterranean food and wine.

The Wine Festival of Cyprus Community of Melbourne is a family event that dates back in 1995 and always comes with a rich cultural program of traditional dances and songs, Cypriot delicacies like the famous souvlaki, sheftelies and koupes as well as an exhibition of material and photographs that lead to various paths of folk tradition.

It is a tradition that after the official opening of the festival, a huge container filled with grapes is then brought out and the community actually encourages all children to take their shoes and socks off, get in there and stomp on the grapes in order to release all the juice.