Australian Tourists Love Greece

image_galleryAustralian tourists spend the most time and money than any other holidaymakers who choose to visit Greece.
According to The Age newspaper, on average, an Australian tourist in Greece spends €1,420 ($1,820) each per trip and stays about 12 days longer than most other nationalities. Next biggest spenders are Canadians (€1,207), Americans (€1,098) and Russians (€1,005), according to data from the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises.

The relevant article goes under the title Greece is the world for Australians, and highlights the fact that every year 100,000 Australians travel to Greece, visiting friends and relatives. In fact, the majority of them are Greek immigrants traveling on Australian passport.
Christina Kalogera, the director of the Greek National Tourism Organisation in Australia stressed ”It’s a good time to travel there because the exchange rate is favorable and prices for accommodation, flights and tours are very competitive.”

She also stated ”There is nothing for tourists to fear. There is very good infrastructure in Athens. There is a good subway and it is easy to move around. It is more than safe.”

According to chief executive, Steve Reynolds, of one of the major suppliers of holidays to Greece from Australia, Cox & Kings, there was a marked decline in interest in Greece during the past summer due to negative media about civil unrest.

”I visited twice and in my experience it was absolutely fine to go. The unrest was grossly overstated. This year we are experiencing good levels of inquiries and bookings. I think there is pent-up demand,” he said.  Reynolds said that Santorini and Mykonos are among the most popular places to see, but that interest in all of Greece has increased.


  1. Ahhh the obvious. Let’s be honest here folks. The Hellenic Republic has the most amazing beaches on the radar. The clearest most bluest waters that I have ever seen and I was an Australian Navy sea going officer (once). Mountains like Mourgana which fill you with the feeling of being close to heaven.Water so pure to drink that you every cell feels refreshed. And you wonder why Aussies go and stay and love every moment?