Abbott Sides With Sen. Sinodinos

sinodinosAustralia’s opposition leader Tony Abbott said he will continue supporting Sen. Arthur Sinodinos, the Parliamentary Secretary and a former New South Wales Liberal Party President who has been charged with breaching rules by failing to declare six company directorships during his time in the Senate Justice Minister, for which he apologized.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus stressed that, “Tony Abbott needs to take action right now against Senator Sinodinos,” but the opposition leader refused. Sinodinos informed the Senate over his decision not to claim the sum of his $3.75 million shareholding in Australian Water Holdings,a company linked to disgraced NSW Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid, that belonged to him, as the company’s CEO.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she had no way to intervene. “This is a murky matter and this is not one for me, it’s a matter for the leadership of Tony Abbott,” she said.


  1. Even in the diaspora Greek politicians just can’t help themselves!
    Corruption seems to be a Greek glue!