Greek-Aussies Want Golden Dawn MP’s Barred

GDA Greek-Australian group has prepared a petition to collect signatures asking for a ban on the entry of members of the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Members of Parliament into the country.

The petition will be sent to Australian Immigration Minister, Brendan O’Connor following statements from Golden Dawn’s spokesman, Elias Kasidiaris that the party is going to open an office in Melbourne and a Golden Dawn delegation will visit Australia.

According to, for the past two years, Golden Dawn has been responsible for a wave of assaults against immigrants and other acts of violence in Greece, which the party has denied.

Apart from what critics denounce as extremist, racist and anti-Semitic ideologies, the party is also against gays. Some Golden Dawn members were caught with weapons. The party has 18 seats in the Greek Parliament and its popularity is rising.

As their influence grows and their violence intensifies in Greece, Golden Dawn is now seeking to spread to the Greek Diaspora by attempting to open offices in New York and in Nuremberg, Germany, home of the war crimes trials against Nazis at the end of World War II.

Now reports have emerged that Golden Dawn are close to opening an office in Melbourne and that members of their Greek leadership plan to travel to Australia in order to “cut the ribbon” at their new office.

The petition states: “Beyond refusing entry to any of their members, we call for a movement of Greek-Australians and the wider community to fight the presence of Golden Dawn in our society ,as part of a broader anti-fascist movement, to prevent them from spreading their influence within the Greek community and threatening the multicultural society that Greek-Australians and other migrants have fought to defend.”



  1. Considering Ahmedinejad and German neo nazis are against the NWO, yes we absolutely should. You’re a product of your environment and you still think the media, politicians and the education system amongst other things are all transparent and pro-humanity. It must be hard to escape from propaganda you’ve had since birth. .

  2. But who the hell are you Andrew McDonald nothing to do with Greece…..your views are based on hate and fear its time you grew up!!

  3. No they dont look what happened in the past in the USA with KKK, in Australia ane elsewhere you really have no idea do you?

  4. whites have been supremacists for eons and they do not like the fact that ‘other’ nationalities are taking back their own power!. Rag you are very stupid sounds like you are one of those low IQ etc people.

  5. Two new polls place Golden Dawn as the 2nd most popular political party in Greece.This is mentioned in the interview that took place between Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris & the journalist interviewing him on Alpha TV.Search on you tube for the video titled: “Ο Alpha παραδέχθηκε το άθλιο φωτομοντάζ”

    On Saturday night February 2nd over 30000 Golden Dawn members & supporters marched in Athens. Search on You Tube for video titled: “Χαιρετισμός Συναγωνιστή Ηλία Παναγιώταρου – ΙΜΙΑ 2013”

  6. That means Greece has taken one more step leading away from the club of civilised countries, It is now somewhere between Iran and Pakistan in terms of civil standards!

  7. Nobody is arguing that the NWO is good and the system is humane and transparent. It needs to change, clearly. But fascism has no place in the what is to come. Power and wealth are shifting away from the USA and Europe and both will have to overcome past feelings of superiority towards Asians, Africans, Latin Americans etc. The way Greece is going don’t be surprised if half the country including you ends up having to earn a living by giving head to rich Asians!

  8. All races have been “supremacists” for eons. Funny how you make it seem like it’s a White only thing. You hateful anti-White. And what do you mean other nationalities taking back their power? Do you have a problem with White countries being run by White people?

  9. LOL! You wish. Greece is being returned to it’s proud Nationalist glory. Greece is only uncivilized because it’s being flooded with uncivilized people from the third world. Golden Dawn will fix that. Greece will represent proud White Western traditions once again.

  10. Who said there was no Holocaust? Who said there was no Holomodor or Bolshevism.

    The fact is I don’t care anymore about your stupid holocaust. We have our own.

  11. Fuck you and your white countries they are going to be Islamic countries in 50 years

  12. You sad fascist, of course they don’t.
    Usually, it boils down to racial theories of which red necks have fascist DNA such as Blue Eyed German Blondism.
    As far as you red necks are concened, Greek fascists are still called, I was told, as WOGS and DAGOS in Australia because of your Mediterranean olive skins.
    Sad when your fellow white supremacists consider you as a second rated fascist because your not white enough!

  13. I believe they call you Greeks in the diaspora as WOGS and DAGOS in Australia! Maybe you should listen to the white Australians from time to time.

  14. Greek Red Neck fascists I’m told are called WOGS and DAGOS in Australia. I wonder why white Australians would equate Greeks with immigrant non-white WOGS and DAGOS?

  15. Obviously the Australians consider you red neck fascists as non-white WOGS and DAGOS. Should listen to them!

  16. Your very fat fascist leader Mihalolakos, my fascist friend!!!!!
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  17. Savas thinks race is all about skin color and one must be pure pale White in order to be considered ‘white’. How ignorant he is. I’m of Nordic descent and I love and support Golden Dawn — so does everyone else on Stromfront (the largest White Nationalist forum in the world). ‘Savas’ is just trying to throw a spanner into the works and create division; sadly, it will not work, we White Nationalists know who we are and we know that we support Golden Dawn and we welcome Golden Dawn to Australia, New York and anywhere else they wish to set up an office. Hail Golden Dawn!

  18. Golden Dawn are heroes. They are like the Spartans of old, standing up against the Jewish Multicultural, Bolshevik machine. They deserve all of the respect and support they can get and that we, as thinking beings, should be giving them. I find it hilarious, that these liberals, these “champions of tolerance,” are the most intolerant piles of crap ever.

  19. Maybe they are, but not on the level you imply. Sure, there are some ignorant whites that may confuse a Greek for a Leb, or may just dislike Greeks, but they hardly matter in the long run. All that matter’s is Golden Dawn come to Australia and open their office – this ‘blue-eyed blonde’ supports them every step of the way.

  20. Genetically – ‘looks like’ does not mean ‘the same’. Are all Dogs the same because they walk on all fours and pant? The fact you find your own ignorance hilarious is actually quite sad.

  21. Thats right in Australia we are told that Greeks are called WOGS and DAGOS regardless of their skin colour by fascist minded Australians.
    I know that many red neck fascist Greeks would not be too pleased for not being neither white enough or possibly even worse classed as peasant immigrants.

  22. Losers. Get the fuck out of Australia. I want all those Greeks who support Golden Dawn to support them with money instead f Government handouts. I bet there won’t be any takers you gits. Just like those diaspora bonds that Greece offered to the diaspora & not one bought them! All talk but m&laka action

  23. So, everyone who hated the Nazis was bigoted towards Nazism then? There are plenty of idiots on these sites but you are an even higher category of idiot.

    As Jenny said, all you guys can do is talk. You beat up and kill defenceless immigrants, beat women on television or try to recruit kids/teenagers who haven’t developed the critical faculties.

    When it comes to real patriotic action like leaving Australia to go and help Greece, or reclaiming northern Cyprus, Imia you run back like the gay pussies you are into your little ratholes.

  24. you’d have to be an idiot to be a Greek migrant to Australia (or have migrant routes) and join a party that is based on hating migrants.

  25. Oh the irony.. I remember “wog” mates of mine talking about how they had to band together to form gangs when they were younger, to fight off the gangs of aussie anglo skinheads, that wanted to give the Greeks and lebs a good kicking for “invading” their country. In fact in some parts of Sydney isn’t it still going on? At least if the Cronulla riots were anything to go by, and before you respond with that was lebs, we greeks are different, be sure to remember that to your average thicky extremist.. you all look alike to them.

  26. Australians call everyone names — be they “racist” or just humorous. Wog is now a name for Lebanese. Grow up.

  27. Ναι, αλλά οι Φουντούλης κ Καπελώνης είναι νεκροί απο τα πυρά ακροαριστερών ζώων. Τι θα γίνει τώρα; Δεν θα συλληφθούν για ηθική αυτουργία όλοι όσοι ούρλιαζαν ότι το κόμμα είναι “ναζί” και πρέτρεπαν “θάνατος στους ναζί”?