Aussie Trainer Vergis’ Helps Greek Horses

290509Steve_009The famous Greek-Australian horse trainer Steve Vergisis has been using his expertise in crisis-stricken Greece to help those who face problems with their horses. His job is to calm untrained or traumatized horses in a relatively short time.

Vergis is currently in Thessaloniki in order to help a friend of his with his horses. He told the news agency ANA-MPA  that, “A horse is not a machine, it has both mind and emotions”.

Vergisis was born in Greece, but grew up in Australia. He has been back in Greece for almost four years, holding seminars, clinics and personal sessions in helping owners and their horses.

He said he uses common sense, patience and persistence to gain the horse’s trust but he has a talent as well for creating bridges of communication between owners and horses.

“We have to learn to communicate with the horse. This is best achieved through ground work. The best way to gain trust and respect is to move his feet, just as a dominant herd member would do. We must become the ‘alpha’ herd member in the horses mind. Using force and fear is totally opposite of what we want to achieve,” he said.

He added that, “You will never get the best out of your horse and certainly may get injured because nature has created the horse to run from the slightest fear or threat. How does one communicate through fear? We want our idea to become the horse’s idea.”