Golden Dawn Plans Office in Australia

golden dawnThe neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has 18 seats in the Greek Parliament and is soaring in popularity on the back of an anti-immigrant platform, is reportedly looking to open an office in Australia, which has a vast Diaspora community of Greeks.

The party’s spokesman, Ilias P. Kasidiaris, who is a Member of Parliament despite being accused of crimes, told the Melbourne 3XY Radio that the party will have a presence and office soon in the city. It is looking to expand to countries which have a Greek-American community.

Melbournes’ chapter of Golden Dawn has also set up a Facebook page which currently has more than 2,500 fans, but only a small amount of these seems to reside in Melbourne, most support coming from members and sympathizers in Greece.

Kasidiaris became infamous abroad when during a TV show in Greece last year he slapped a female lawmaker from the Communist party and threw a glass of water in the face of another Leftist MP, also a woman.  He was charged in the assault and brought charges against station personnel for locking in an office, from which he escaped, but there has been no court action.

The incident resulted in several protests against the Golden Dawn Party, in Athens and in other major cities in Greece but it only enhanced their popularity. Party members have also accused of gang assaults on immigrants, not attacking unless the victims are vastly outnumbered. A delegation of Golden Dawn is expected to visit Australia in order to organize the establishment of the new office in Melbourne.



  1. Doesn’t Australia have a famous quarantine law preventing the import of putrid, vile substances into Australia?

    Just the stink of Golden Dawn members would be enough to trigger an Australi-wide customs and border protection alert.

  2. Any Greek-Australian who joins this group would be the biggest moron on the planet. Imagine joining a group that is based on hating immigrants, when your own parents are immigrants!! ha!!

  3. The issue with Golden Dawn isn’t “immigration”. It’s where most of the immigrants in Greece come from that’s the problem. E.g. Middle East and Africa where most, if not all of these people are barbaric. That’s why Greeks in Australia and all the Diaspora flourish because they’re immigrants with a non-barbaric culture.

  4. The proof of how “barbaric” Greeks in Australia are will be in the number who go to or communicate with the office in Australia. I don’t think there’ll be that many.

    If Golden Dawn’s support figures of up to 17% are correct there are more barbaric Greeks than barbaric immigrants in Greece. 17% of 7 million voting age people is 1.19 million. If there are 1 million immigrants and half are from “barbaric” countries then barbaric Greeks outnumber barbaric immigrants by more than two to one.

  5. What is your definition of barbaric? Or is it all black and white to you? Many in Western Europe see the Greeks of today as barbaric and uncivilised. There isn’t even a government infrastructure in Greece, and we need to grovel to the Germans to fill our ATMs with money. Does that mean we are uncivilised barbarians? According to who? Perhaps the only REAL barbarians are the people who promote hatred of an entire group of people simply because of the colour of their skin, instead of judging them by their individual actions.

  6. Those 1 million “immigrants” as you refer to them are almost entirely ILLEGAL Immigrants, who broke Greek immigration laws & border controls.
    All Golden Dawn wants to do is enforce the law and deport these ILLEGAL immigrants. I should add that these ILLEGAL immigrants are responsible for a massive violent crime wave in Greece, with Greek CITIZENS being raped, robbed, beaten and murdered daily!

  7. Golden Dawn are fanatical and Fascist. But Greece cant support all these immigrants. They need to stay in their own countries and fix their societies from within. Not look to the West for salvation. As far as Golden Dawn in Australia, well thats up to you Aussies. But this is what happens when force multiculuralism and multiracialism on countries. It just doesn’t work.

  8. Are you Greek? If so, what kind of a Greece do you want you and your children to be witness to? Your Left-Wing rhetoric is exactly the type of rhetoric that is going to destroy everything that it means to be Greek. Our culture, norms, values mean nothing to the Left! What’s next, removing the Cross from the Greek flag? Ade. You’re a disgrace if you’re Greek. And I, along with many of my friends will be PROUD to join Golden Dawn Melbourne and support the motherland by whatever means necessary. I don’t expect a materialistic person such as yourself to understand what it means to be a patriot because you’re obviously out of touch with reality.

  9. What business does Golden Dawn have in Melbourne aside to gather up uneducated Neanderthals whose brain still hasn’t evolved into the 21st century? If you want patriot you hero, then f&ck off back to Greece where you will be begging to come back. Australia has the customs, AFP etc to control the illegal immigration. We don’t need some malaka organisation preaching hatred against minorities. Remember Greeks, you as we’ll as I are the minorities in this country.

  10. You are in danger of glorifying Golden Dawn by comparing them to Neanderthals. The average gibbon has more brains than a Golden Dawn egghead.

  11. The best way you can support the Motherland is to keep your mouth shut. You and Golden Dawn are the biggest embarrassment Greece has had to endure. Golden Dawn has made the Motherland look worse than Iran in the world’s eyes. Falling into economic ruin is one thing, looking like those Middle Eastern hate ridden societies we used to scorn a few years ago is another.

  12. I think all illegal immigrants and everyone who voted for Golden Dawn should be kicked out at the same time. They have no place in Greece.

  13. Allowing modern fascist parties, e.g. Golden Dawn, to expand outside of their borders is probably the best way to neutralise their hate rhetoric. Obviously there is a growing number of disgruntled citizens being pandered and groomed by the fascist party who are using 1930s styled social issues to promote white supremacy and Greek purity.

    The issue in Australia, however, is that the fascist politics of Golden Dawn have no foundation to take root, except of course for those small number of so-called patriots (actually disguised jingoistic nationalists) who somehow believe in Greek supremacy and racial purity.

    In Greece, its in the cities where the fascists have been tolerated while the islands, valleys and mountainsides, view these barbaric white supremacists as the social parasites feeding on the fear, poverty stricken, and dissillusioned people who are still reeling today from the social catclysmic effects brought on by a series of trusted though incompetent governments.

    Golden Dawn will implode by its own constitutional hatred of non-fascists!

  14. Haha. I can almost taste the fear. Golden Dawn isn’t going anywhere. Everyday Golden Dawn grows bigger and bigger. Time time has come my lost friend. The time has come for traitors such as yourself to pay. The time has come for all the illegals to think twice before stepping foot on Hellenic soil. The time has come for a Golden Dawn. And there’s nothing, NOTHING you can do about it.

  15. This party of hate will be banned soon and all of you eggheads will have to go back to your favourite pastime of performing fellatio on each other just like Hitler’s brown shirts. If you are so patriotic and strong why don’t you go and raise an army and recapture Constantinople and Skopje? Are you afraid?

  16. Eisai Ellhnas? Milas ta ELLHNIKA? NAI H OXI re mounopano! If not, you’re not worth speak to regarding Greek matters.

  17. Den ksereis ti sou ginetai mougka stin strougka loipon! fae kanena souvlaki gidi kai mi milas gia xwres pou den exeis zhsei! den nomizw na exete pollous paranomous na sas sfazoun stin australia! giauto VOULWNE!

  18. Εμένα δέν με απασχολεί η επιφάνεια,που τόσο αρέσκεστε να σκαλίζετε σάν τίς κότες…Εγώ παρακολουθώ την εξέλιξη γιά τα χρόνια πού θά’ρθουν …..Το μέλλον γενικότερα, και πού οδηγεί η όλη υπόθεση,

    Είναι θέμα ρατσισμού,εναντίων των Ελλήνων…Για τον λόγο του οτι είναι Χριστιανοί…

    Δέν είμαι ρατσιστής! Κανένας Έλληνας δεν είναι…Ούτε ο Κασιδιάρης..! !

    Αλλά δεν νομίζω το γεγονός, τού οτι θέλουν να μας ξεκάνουν σου αρέσει!….Όπως δεν αρέσει και σε μένα !

    Ο κόσμος είναι ανώριμος για πολυεθνικότητες…Και το γνωρίζουν όλοι! ” βάλτους όλους μαζί, και θα σκοτωθούν σε χρόνο ρεκόρ ”

    Αν είναι αυτή η πρόοδος που αναζητάς…. Τότε είσαι πολύ ΠΡΟΟΔΕΥΤΙΚΟΣ!

  19. after you the champion moron!
    Cause we worked here …we didn’t jump the fence ,we didn’t cause problems..and apart from that Greece fits 3 times in Victoria..and with 2.500.000 illegal unemployed migrant’s, Greece will disappear from the face of the earth! And with SYRIZA more are coming, that can not offer anything good to Greece, the way Greeks offered to the Australian country,but they stealing and looting whatever is in their way. These people don’t know how to work like we do , they never did ! That’s why their countries are so so “ADVANCED”
    Greeks showed to the Australians how to work and what work is !
    are we Greeks 2.500.000 people here in Victoria? NO !!!!!!
    and Victoria is vast compare to small Greece full of beautiful mountains, and not too many places that can sustain monkeys !

  20. George-christine Loucas
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    Syriza Giorgos
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    Oi kinezoi einai filoi mas kai mazi mautous gamame tin dikia sou! aaa kai pou se tin simea pou exeis gia photo ego tin exo gia koloxarto!
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    (την Ελληνική εννοεί!αυτή έχω για σημαία!) καταλαβες? ξυπνάτε τώρα!