Golden Dawn Plans Office in Australia

golden dawnThe neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has 18 seats in the Greek Parliament and is soaring in popularity on the back of an anti-immigrant platform, is reportedly looking to open an office in Australia, which has a vast Diaspora community of Greeks.

The party’s spokesman, Ilias P. Kasidiaris, who is a Member of Parliament despite being accused of crimes, told the Melbourne 3XY Radio that the party will have a presence and office soon in the city. It is looking to expand to countries which have a Greek-American community.

Melbournes’ chapter of Golden Dawn has also set up a Facebook page which currently has more than 2,500 fans, but only a small amount of these seems to reside in Melbourne, most support coming from members and sympathizers in Greece.

Kasidiaris became infamous abroad when during a TV show in Greece last year he slapped a female lawmaker from the Communist party and threw a glass of water in the face of another Leftist MP, also a woman.  He was charged in the assault and brought charges against station personnel for locking in an office, from which he escaped, but there has been no court action.

The incident resulted in several protests against the Golden Dawn Party, in Athens and in other major cities in Greece but it only enhanced their popularity. Party members have also accused of gang assaults on immigrants, not attacking unless the victims are vastly outnumbered. A delegation of Golden Dawn is expected to visit Australia in order to organize the establishment of the new office in Melbourne.