Greek-Australian Student Robbed in Mexico

antoniou robbed-Mexico 01Eva Antoniou, a 20-year-old Greek student at Latrobe University of Melbourne and her friend, Olivia Gallo, were robbed in Mexico, when two armed men attacked the bus they were traveling by, reports said.

The young women were backpacking across the region, they told Fairfax Media, and said they were helpless and unable to react, as they could not understand Spanish. They said they were so frightened they said goodbye to each other.

The robbers, after taking money and valuables from the passengers, gathered them and left them in a wilderness area. The students were left with only their passports.

According to the instructions and warnings given by the Australian government, everyone traveling in Mexico has to be very careful,  as violent crime and drug trafficking is common. The official travel guide also cites that Mexico has a high crime rate, while there are many attacks in tourism destinations and beach resorts.




  1. She should have been at home in the kitchen like a good l
    Greek girl, not galavanting across the globe. My Soula had 3 kids by 20!