Ghost Ship Washed Ashore in Southern Australia

ksebrastike-fantasma-ploioA ghost ship wandering the ocean looking for a port for two years now, was washed ashore on a southern Australian coast.
The MS Olivia cargo ship lifeboat crashed on the rocks of Nightingale Island back in March 2011, spilling its cargo of soybeans and some 800 tons of fuel oil onto the coast.

The ship was then crossing the Atlantic from Brazil to Singapore when for reasons still unknown, hit the island’s coast at a speed of 14 knots. The ship broke in two, but the 22 crew members were rescued.

The rescue boat traveled about 8,000 kilometers until it reached the coast of Salt Creek. Australian authorities plan to remove the boat from the beach, so it won’t be again carried away by waves and continue drifting putting other ships in danger.

The boat will be returned to the company owner if he wants it back, otherwise  it will either be sold or become an exhibit at the Australian Maritime Museum.