Farantouri, Kotsiras Fete Greek-Australians

To go along with an exhibition entitled Through the Eyes of Children, depicting is part of Greek history of a post-war migration to help revive the Greek Museum in  Melbourne, noted Greek singers Maria Farantouri and Yiannis Kotsiras will give a free concert

The event will feature Paratragoyda, a musical documentary of homogeneous composer Ioannidis Tasos with lyrics by Dimitris Kessisoglou, and relate to the experiences of the Greeks who moved to Australia.

Among those set to attend are Victorian minister Nikos Kotsiras, TV presenter Mary Kwstakidoy, award-winning architect Nontas Katsalidis, Supreme Court judge Emilios Kyrou, Federal Member of Parliament Maria Bambakinoy, lawyer Olivia Nikos, heart surgeon Dimitris Tatoulis and rugby player George Peponis.

All of them left  from Greece when they were children , and did not know a word of English but they excelled. The exhibition is part of celebrations for the 60 years since the signing of the Australia-Greece agreement, which facilitated the immigration of thousands of Greeks in Australia, through the Intergovernmental Committee on Migration in Europe (DEME).