Greek-Australian Girl Kidnapped by Kurds Two Years Ago Found Alive

A young Greek-Australian girl kidnapped two years ago by Kurds while at Eleftherios Venizelos Greek Airport has been found alive. Chrysovalantou Nisyriou is now safe on the island of Karpathos in Greece, with her parents Nikolaos and Sophia Nisyriou.

The discovery of Chrysovalantou Nisyriou brought sudden relief to her family, who had experienced two years of anxiety, stress, and fear, due to their lack of knowledge and closure with regards to their daughter’s disappearance.

Her parents were overjoyed to learn the ordeal was over, and the daughter they feared dead was actually alive and well.

The girl was kidnapped by Kurds at gunpoint and led to Suliemania in Kurdistan. The Kurds wished to gain part of her family’s assets through the kidnapping. The girl managed to send signals to her parents in order to inform them about her location.

Under the guidance of special forces and the United Nations, the kidnappers surrendered and the girl was finally released.


  1. I’m ashamed of these bandits who kidnapped this girl. However our special forces and intelligence services are Mossad/CIA trained and it’s not rare that they manage to expose kidnappers and free hostages. Well done, and good that she is well.