Flinders University Hosts Launch of Logos Australian Centre for Hellenic Language and Culture

The Logos Australian Center for Hellenic Language and Culture at Flinders University, Adelaide, in Australia has been officially launched since the 1st of July.

“The center’s establishment was a result of the generous financial support granted by the S. Australian government, of 600.000 dollars (granting 150.000 dollars per year)”, mentions Alternate Minister of Education, Fofi Gennimata.

At the same time, she states that “the funds will be primarily allocated for scholarships, for male and female students who choose to teach Greek in Australia, while a small part of the funds will be invested in developing online programs, available on a Pan – Australian level. The center also runs under the auspices of the Republic of Cyprus and the Association of Halkidiotes in S. Australia”.

The Government of S. Australia initially funded the Center’s feasibility study with 65.000 dollars, subsequently deciding to establish the center, foreseeing an amount of 600.000 dollars for its funding.

The Premier of S. Australia, in a letter on May 14th 2009, made the government’s decision known, sending our country an organizational and operational plan for the Center, for review on behalf of the Greek part.