Greek Hunter has Killed Over 1 Million Kangaroos

Stavros Margaritis is a kangaroo hunter, who has killed over a million kangaroos for a living. Mr. Stavros was born in 1937, in Vounichora, Fokida and has become a legend for Australians. He is a “unique” man, whose life has been recorded, became a song and a book’s plot.

He states that he did not really enjoy his childhood because of the Second World War and the Civil War that followed. Consequently, at the age of 16 he decided to leave his country and chase a better life in Australia, where kangaroos also live.

After a 30 day voyage he arrived at Saint George, where his uncle owned a café. Mr. Stavros worked really hard with a very low salary. Additionally, he worked as carpenter, waiter, rugby player, and as a boxer. After that, he worked as barber and at nights, as a kangaroo hunter.

He was such a good hunter, that he has actually killed more than 1 million kangaroos. Meanwhile, he became the owner of the tan house “KATRAMATOS & CO.”, where about 250 people used to work in the past. He still runs the company successfully. As a result, everybody treats him respectfully as “The Greek”.

He got married to a woman named Joan and they have had two daughters. Nevertheless, Mr. Stavros never forgot about his country. When he started earning enough money, he made trips back to Greece, where he realized how much he had missed his family. At one of his trips, he took his parents with him to Australia.

In addition, he has had an extraordinary hobby. He loves engraving Emu eggs. Mr. Stavros has managed to turn an egg into a masterpiece. There have been many exhibitions around the world, where his eggs have been displayed. In Queensland, there is a museum with his exhibits. Writer, Kevin Hallewell dedicated a book to him under the title “Stavros- A Unique Man”, proving that he is actually a unique man, athlete, businessman and householder. Above all, he is a unique human.



  1. ti lete re? xereste gia to 1 ekatommyrio kaggouro pou skotose? gi afto fygate ap tin ellada, deiloi