Santal Kountouri Featured in “One Dream Ago: The Beatles’ South Australian Connections”

John Lennon called Santal Kountouri “squat”, later on she became a sex symbol, what’s more?  She was not ashamed but honored by Lennon’s comment. She was characterized as the greater fun of Beatles in Australia and had the chance to work with them. Today, she refers to the kindness and warmth of John Lennon. Santal Kountouri was born in Mani.  She is a successful actor in  the Australian cinema, TV and theater. Lately, she came under the spotlight again, due to her close relationship with the British rock band “The Beatles”.
Interesting, unknown details of her life next to the Beatles can be found in the book: “One Dream Ago: The Beatles’ South Australian Connections”,  written by Michael Savvas and Olivia Savvas-Koopmans. “I met with the Beatles in 1964 in Adelaide, under unusual circumstances. When I turned 19, in 1969 I decided to go to London. I arrived on my birthday and I was hosted by Bruce Welch and his girlfriend – who was to become the well-known actress Olivia Newton-John. One day, Bruce and I came across John Lennon and Yoko Ono. John Lennon was really kind. I remember, at the time, he had a white Rolls Royce, with a tv and antenna- and all that in 1969! I was astonished!” That was how Santal Kountouri met Lennon and got hired as a waitress at the Revolution Club.  The Club is a Beatles property.  It was named after the namesake song of the Beatles, which topped the charts.